About Me

In a small cottage on the Isle of Sheppey, close to the old Kings ferry Bridge, I had my very first experience of life through a lens. An uncle of mine had built his own telescope, not a metallic round tube, but a square wooden one. At the age of six or seven I wondered at the magic that took place inside that long wooden box.
The very first thing I saw through the telescope was a few sheep and a couple of  sailing boat masts rising up from a small river hidden by the grassy meadow land. 
Being able to bring the world a little nearer  and the view a little clearer, excited me so much that I still remember it vividly 'til this very day. 
After years of longing for a camera with which to record people, and things that I found interesting, it wasn't until my twenties that I could afford to buy a proper one. However, my preferred subject matter had become people and life around me, rather than snaps for the family album. I was thought to be rather strange because I wanted to take pictures of people who were neither family members nor friends.
Today I still love to photograph interesting people and local events. But, it's the street portraits that give me my biggest buzz; the interaction with complete strangers who, momentarily, enter then pass through my life never to be seen again.
Apart from, in those wonderful digital images, where they will never grow old  and will remain forever.

Past lives and hobbies 

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And poetry